Shikukai Gallery 2016.

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Courses & Events 2016.
Sugasawa Sensei in Prague.
Group photo, Sunday. Training in Kihon. Group photo. Sugasawa Sensei & Tim Shaw Sensei with the Shikukai Prague family team.
Shikukai Autumn Course in Spain.
Group photo. Instruction in Kihon Gumite. Sensei adjusts senior students' position. Not everyone appreciates fresh fish.
Kihon training. Sensei works on his stretching. Not everything was about training. Evening meal.
Sugasawa Sensei in Holland.
Group photo. Sugasawa Sensei & Jan Willem Albers. Sensei working with students. Sugasawa Sensei explains Kumite Gata Aigamae Uchi Uke.
Sugasawa Sensei explains principles . Sugasawa Sensei . Tim Shaw Sensei teaching Seishan. Martijn Shelen presents a plaque commemorating 10 years of Shikukai Karate-Do International.
Shikukai Instructors course France.
Group photo. Sugasawa Sensei directs training. Sensei explains technique on the inside side. Enjoying a local restaurant. .
Instructors course & Shikukai championships.
Shikukai Championship, junior kata event. Instructors work on Rohai under Sugasawa Sensei's directions. Sugasawa Sensei and instructors undergo CPR and First Aid training. Saturday evening social for instructors and students.
Tim Shaw Sensei in Eemnes Holland .
Explaining principles and models of understanding Wado. Tim Shaw demonstrating on Martijn Schelen. Students working on kumite drills. Kihon.
Sugasawa Sensei in Poitou-Charente, (Payroux) France.
Sugasawa Sensei at Steve Greenwood's private Shikukai Dojo in France. Training in Kumite Gata. A lighter moment where everyone is trying to figure out how things should be done. Mark Harland works on Kumite Gata with Keith Walker.
Shikukai Spring Course, Portland UK.
Group photo.
Sugasawa Sensei teaching kata.
Sugasawa Sensei Presents Miguel Galua his 1st Dan certificate.
Students exploring Pinan Yondan.
Steve & Pam Rawson Senseis in Hungary.
Group photo. Pam Rawson leads training in kihon. Steve & Pam Rawson teaching together. Steve & Pam Rawson with the Jakab family, instructors at Shikukai Hungary.
Winter Course in Chelmsford, Essex.
Group photo for the Saturday training. Kata correction with Sugasawa Sensei. Tim Shaw teaching Niseishi kata, showing kaisetsu. Evening entertainment.
Group photo for the Sunday training. A packed Dojo for practice of San Mi Ittai Dosa. Sugasawa Sensei showing foot movements. Sue Dodd from Chelmsford and David Vlk,chief instructor of Shikukai in the Czech Republic.

Design: Tim Shaw